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My  pictures have appeared  in many publications over the years, from Vogue to Punch. I worked for the  Financial Times for twelve years  and for the last twenty I have been Business Cartoonist at The Times, becoming used to dealing with tightest of tight deadlines and lastly of last minute changes. I have worked for several business,  financial and legal titles, coping with some very obscure briefs, something, I’m sure you’ll thank me for not dwelling on here. Some of my pictures have been acquired by the Bank of England Museum, the Cartoon Museum, the British Cartoon Archive and other collections.  

Contact me:
0208 691 3725
+44 07513 732 082

Freelance Illustrator and Cartoonist


The Times

Financial Times
Time Out
Parliamentary Brief
New Law Journal
New Statesman
Radio Times
London Daily News
The Listener
The European
BBC Ariel
Arrow Books
Oxford University Press
Piatkus Books

Books include
Drawn to the Globe

The Battle of the Colours

The Ascent of Rum Doodle 
Hic! The Entire History of Wine
The Titan Prophecy
Conned!( a History of Scams, 
Frauds and Scandals)

Exhibitions and Collections

"In My Memory Locked" One Man Show,

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

"Ink and the Bottle"

"Gillray's Ghost",

The Cartoon Museum

Political Cartoon Gallery
Bank of England Museum 
“Un Nouveau Monde” (Museum of National
History, Paris, Mixed Show)
“2001, A Face Odyssey”. (One Man Show
of 2001 faces at The Coningsby Gallery) 
Chris Beetles Gallery

Showroom Gallery  (Mixed Show)
Images of Power ( Archer Political 
Cartoon Collection)
British Cartoon Archive, Kent University
London Art Fair
The Great & Good of Greenwich
( Greenwich Visitor’s Centre)
Glad Tidings of Struggle and Strife ( Newport)

QUIET CITY (Yustayin Gallery, 2020)

Virtual Exhibition

LAND(E)SCAPES (Yustayin Gallery, 2020-2021

Virtual Exhibition