into solidity, and then dissolving into empty space again almost as soon. Stories of great pain and delirious silliness are conjured for an instant in an articulate whirl of motion, and Chris Duggan has caught that rough and frenetic magic beautifully.
We have been very lucky in our recorder."

From the Foreword by
Dominic Dromgoole
Artistic Director of

Shakespeare’s Globe 2006-2016

"...vibrant Shakespeare art..." Shakespeare Magazine 

A Picture Book to Celebrate Shakespeare and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

​“Chris’s images are evocative, insightful, and hugely enjoyable.”

Matt Wolf, Theatre critic,

The International New York Times

​​and The Arts Desk 

"We pride ourselves on our variety at the Globe – maybe not infinite as Cleopatra would like to think of herself – but certainly on the way there.  Variety of tone, plunging from the searing to the silly; from the tragic to the comic on the turn of an inhaled breath.  Shakespeare is most extraordinary for the wonderful burst of different colours he threw across the first Globe stage, and via that across our imaginative history ever since.  All human life really is here.
    It is the great achievement of these lovely cartoons that they reflect that delicious variety so well.  

“...diminutive but packed book...some really nice touches...unique and interesting...this little book proves a worthy contender for a bookshelf in every theatre lovers home.”
The Reviews Hub

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“Nice work!”
Mark Rylance

"...a perfect gift book for 

anyone devoted to the Bard, [or] the Globe..."

British Theatre Guide

Published by Ancon Hill,

90mm X 140mm X 20mm X 14mm

200 Pages

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To see Joe Marcell’s face etched in pain as King Lear, and then to glance quickly to the bright stripes of Barbarossa in Knight of the Burning Pestle, is to get some measure of what the Globe has been attempting and what Chris Duggan has achieved. 
     The variety of finish here, from completely rendered substantial images through to whirl of scratching pencil, is also reminiscent of the furious energy of the Globe, the constant sense of new stories whipping and whirling themselves 

"Seeing every Shakespeare production in the Globe Theatre since it began in 1996, artist, cartoonist and illustrator Chris Duggan has recorded them in his many sketchbooks, and about 200 of his lively sketches are included here. Pictures in pencil, crayon, ink, acrylic, gouache and watercolour of musicians and actors in character who bring alive the Globe’s stage, alongside quotes from the plays and some comments on the peculiarities of this unique venue."

Whether you have visited Shakespeare's Globe or not, this little book is the perfect souvenir of this, the 400th anniversary year of the world's greatest playwright.

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